I strive to be that middle player who acts as the glue (and occasionally the grease), bringing cohesion to any design or development team. The jack-of-all trades has his place in every cohort. I have taken on a variety of design related projects, small and large, in the last few years, aside from my work in education. I enjoy improving the user's experience in every facet, solving interactive problems, brainstorming with others on how to improve interactivity, resolving visual inconsistencies, and improving content.


I am not a pure designer or developer, but a seasoned intermediary, who can bridge the gap, and help both teams communicate more efficiently, as well as help lighten their load, on occasion. Some of the below are my designs, and some of them are improvements for other's graphics, flyers, games, sites, and apps. Therefore I do not claim rights, or ownership to all of the content below, accept that which I own, outright.

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